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Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA, KStA

The Babailov Palette
&  Art Supplies

     ver the past 30 years, I have shared the limitless possibilities of my limited-color palette and its color arrangement with my students and fellow professional artists and I am always delighted to see just how many artists have adapted it in the creation of their own works! ~ I.B.
Igor Babailov - Palette, Artist's Studio.
The Igor Babailov Palette
Artist Valery Babailov (1941-2001) - father of Igor Babailov
Valery Babailov

About The Babailov Palette

This 8-color rainbow arrangement of complementing colors on my palette, was first introduced to me in my childhood, by my father, Valery Babailov, professional artist and teacher.
Throughout his formal university art education, he was taught and inspired by his professor of painting A.Kholmogorov, who graduated from the Surikov academy under V.Tsiplakov, the student of I.Grabar and S.Gerasimov, both received formal art education in the studios of Repin and Serov.  
I have been using this palette arrangement since the age of 13, when I switched from watercolors to oils while studying at the specialized art school for gifted children and later at the Surikov academy, all during the years of my own formal art education (1974-1990).  Over the years of my studies, I enhanced the selection of colors on my palette and have continued to use this 'rainbow' arrangement throughout my professional career, to this day. I call it the Babailov limited-color palette of rainbow arrangement."  ~ Igor V. Babailov


3- day Master Workshop (day-by-day)

Day 1:  (Charcoal / Graphite Pencil)

  • Medium weight (white/off-white, toned) paper.  Size (approx.) 20” x 16”

  • Graphite HB – 4B pencils, black charcoal (“Italian”) pencils (2B – 6B), sepia, white pencil.

  • Eraser.

Day 2:  (Pastel)

  • Pastel (toned) paper.  Size ( approx.) 20” X 16” or 24" X 19"

  • "Nupastel" sticks (various colors).

  • One pastel pencil (preferably sepia color).

Day 3:  (Oils)

  • 1 Stretched canvas / linen.  Size (approx.) 20” X 16”.

  • Oil Painting medium:   1/3 Odorless Thinner/Turpentine + 1/3 Linseed Oil + 1/3 Dammar Varnish.

  • Oil Paints:

Flake White

Raw Sienna

Lemon Yellow Hue

Cadmium Red Hue

Alizarin Crimson

Viridian Green Hue

Ultramarine Blue 

Raw Umber

Yellow Ochre (optional)

English Red (optional)

Cadmium Orange (optional)  

  • Oil Painting Brushes:  various sizes Filbert brushes ( from N2 - N12), round Sable brushes (N6 - N8).

  • Wooden Palette

  • Palette Knife

Babailov Workshops
Igor V. Babailov. Hon.RAA - master portrait artist, master-workshops.
The Drawing Skill in Painting - Portrait Artist Igor Babailov
Igor Babailov - Direct Academic Lineage
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