Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA, KStA


(Selected Awards)

George Washington's Mount Vernon Presidential Award 

Washington Award - back, w.jpg
Washington Award - front, w.jpg
Washington Award - Douglas Bradburn, w.j
Washington Portrait at Mt.Vernon, w.jpg

Portrait of George Washington

by Igor Babailov.  

Collection: Mount Vernon. 

Presented on behalf of George Washington by the President of Mount Vernon. 

Honorary Doctorate

Cumberland University


Dr. Paul Stumb, Cumberland University, awarding the Honorary Doctorate to Igor Babailov

Dr. Paul Stumb, President of Cumberland University

( Photo credit:  Krissy Leigh Kimsal ) 

Igor V. Babailov, Honorary Doctorate - Cumberland University, 2019
Cumberland, Hon. Doctorate.jpeg

Igor V. Babailov awarded the distinguished academic degree Doctor of Literary Letters (Honoris Causa)

by the historic Cumberland University


Academy Logo 1.gif

Hon. American Academician of

the Russian Academy of Arts  (est. 1757)

"Dear Mr. Babailov,

Congratulations to you on your election to the Russian Academy of Arts."

~  Dr. James H. Billington 

    The Librarian of the United States Congress

"An Academician is a member of an officially constituted Academy, such as the Russian Academy of Arts (est.1757), to be elected to which is a great honor, the pinnacle of the career of a traditional artist." ~ RAA
Previous recipients of this honor include designer Pierre Cardin, HRH Princess Chantal of France and American artist, Andrew Wyeth
Igor V. Babailov's Nobility Coat of Arms

Chevalier of the Order of St. Anne  (est.1735)

Order of St.Anne - 1_edited.jpg
Igor Babailov, Order of St. Anne, HIH, w

Order of St. Anne, dynastic order of Knighthood, was presented to Igor Babailov by Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, the Head of the Imperial House of Romanov and descendant of the Russian, European and British royalty, including Alexander II and Queen Victoria. 

Malta, 2017 

Official Bronze Medal of the Pontificate

of His Holiness Pope St. John Paul II

Vatican City

Secretariat of State

Vatican Medal.jpg
1 JP2 Audience_edited.jpg

Vatican, 2003

General David H. Petraeus Award "For Excellence"

Presented by General David H. Petraeus, U.S. Military Commander, CIA Director, for the work on his portrait at West Point Academy Museum.

~ Official Major League Baseball ~ 

Award for Portraiture 

Igor Babailov - Award for Portraiture, Yankee Stadium.

Presented to Igor Babailov at Yankee Stadium, New York City

Joe DiMaggio Awards, 2011

Honored Artist of Udmurtia

Presented by President of Udmurtia, Ushakov A.A. 

The Tennessee Senate Resolution N69

"To recognize Igor Babailov and celebrate his artistic achievements."

Igor Babailov - The Honor of TN Senate Resolution No 69, signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam.
Senator Jack Johnson presents the TN Senate Award to portrait artist Igor Babailov

Signed into Law by Governor Bill Haslam and presented by Senator Jack Johnson

Order 'For Service to Art'  (The Golden Star)

Presented by the President of the International Academy of Culture and Art, Stronsky P.T.

Hon. Academician of the International Academy of Culture and Art

Official ceremony in Malta

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