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"        ainting does not exist without drawing and it is drawing from life that gives the exact measure of the painter. If one can draw, one can always paint! "  


~  Pietro Annigoni,  Royal Portrait Painter 

Self-portrait in the mirror
Justice Annette Ziegler, Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Portraits by Igor Babailov.
Chief Justice Annette Ziegler
Supreme Court of Wisconsin
Portrait study from life
Audience with Pope Benedict XVI, portrait drawing studies from life, by Igor Babailov
Pope Benedict XVI
General David Petraeus portrait drawing studies from life, by Igor Babailov
Gen. D. Petraeus, U.S. Military Commander 
~ DRAWING studies from Life ~  
Important step in preparation for OIL portraits   
 Portrait Procedure
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Portrait of a Little Girl, by Igor Babailov
Life Sketch of Pope Benedict XVI, by Igor Babailov
Self-Portrait at 17 years old, by Igor Babailov
Official Portrait of Nelson Mandela, Official portrait drawing from life by Igor Babailov
16 Year old, Old Man model_edited_edited
Paul Stumb drawing, w_edited.jpg
Katie (Graphite) Life portrait by Igor Babailov, Portrait drawings of Children
Profile of a man (sepia)
Fr. Arne Panula - portrait by Igor Babailov
Senator Michael Pitfield, by Igor Babailov
London. Drawing on location by Igor Babailov
Life Portrait Sketch of General Petraeus , by Igor Babailov
Drawing of Lisa Balkon, by Igor Babailov
Bob House - portrait by Igor Babailov
1Pope Francis Sketch2_edited_edited.jpg
Life portrait drawing of African man, Samuel from Uganda (graphite), by Igor Babailov, Fine art portraits of African and black people,
Grisha Drawing, w_edited.jpg
Nikita Babailov, the artist's son (White pencil on black paper), by Igor Babailov
Comedian Brad Stine Portrait from life by portrait artist Igor Babailov, Brad Stine podcast
Justice Clarence Thomas sketch from life
Swiss Guard Commander, Christoph Graf, portrait sketch from life, by Igor Babailov
Justice Alito portrait Sketch from life by Igor Babailov
Self-Portrait (2018)
Book, Fr_edited.jpg
1Pope Francis Sketch 1,
Portrait of Jasmin, by Igor Babailov
Papal Palace, Castel Gandolfo, Life drawing by Igor Babailov
Sacred Heart_edited.jpg
Life Sketch of Hadley Arkes, Washington, DC, by Igor Babailov
Justice George O'Toole portrait from life, by Igor Babailov
Larry Glaubinger, Sketch by Igor Babailov
Daniel Knecht, drawing by Igor Babailov
Donskoy Monastery in Moscow, by Igor Babailov
Melissa Webb,W_edited.jpg
Russ (Stogies)_edited_edited.jpg
Martine, Montreal, drawing by Igor Babailov
Phill Hyndman_edited_edited.jpg
African-American girl,
Vatican, Castel Gandolfo, the Square, by Igor Babailov
GarryPutman draw, Light below, DR_edited
Dominican, Fr. John portrait_edited_edit
Father Larry C  Dunham OFM President  Gu
Drawing Nude Model, Academic study, by Igor Babailov
Drawing Male Standing Nude, Academic study, by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Alexis Geacintov (graphite) - by Igor Babailov.
Jeff Balser  _edited_edited_edited_edite
Portrait Drawing of Cliff Morrison, by portrait master Igor Babailov (graphite, w. chalk).
Malta Tatiana Maligina 1_edited_edited.j
Portrait of Alicia, Drawings by Igor Babailov
A Prayer. Portrait of Mary (drawing from life, black charcoal and heightening with white chalk), by Igor Babailov.
Portrait of Alli Holzberg, by Igor Babailov. Collection: Mr. & Mrs. Geraldine and Bennett LeBow (Fisher Island, Florida), Portraits of children by portrait artist Igor Babailov
Drawind, Mark BrentwAcademy,d,sm_edited.
An Old Ship, Crimea. Sepia drawing by Igor Babailov.
St. Christopher, the patron of travelers, Fransiscan Monastery in Washington, DC. Drawing from life by Igor Babailov
Mary in Naples, Florida. Drawing by Igor Babailov. Charcoal, white heightening on tonned paper.
Portrait of Judge Seth Norman, Nashville, TN (Charcoal sketch from life) - Drawings by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Tom Monaghan - Founder of Domino Pizza, Owner of Detroit Tigers, Chancelor of Ave Maria University. Portrait by Igor Babailov.
Portrait of an Old Man, Drawing by Igor Babailov, Charcoal on paper, drawing from life.
Portrait of Eduardo, drawing from life by Igor Babailov
Portrait drawing of African-American 'Aspirnaut' student, drawing from life by Igor Babailov, Portrait of African-american woman, Vanderbilt University, Nashville
Portrait drawing of Sherrie Moore, graphite on paper, by portrait artist Igor Babailov, Portraits of women, drawing from life.
Portrait drawing of Don Stonebridge, charcoal on paper, by Igor Babailov; Demonstration for 70 members of the Bellport Arts Council, LI, New York.
Portrait of Tonya Demczina, Canada, Graphite portrait drawing from life by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Andreas Widmer, The Busch School of Business, Catholic University of America, former Pontifical Swiss Guard, Washington, DC, life portrait by Igor Babailov.
Portrait of Tamaz Kurashvili, Soviet Jazz musician, Georgia, Georgian Embassy, Music Walk of Fame, Vagif Mustafa Zade, life portrait by Igor Babailov
Giovanna, Drawing of an Italian girl, Florence, Graphite Drawing from Life by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Tom Eckley, Cincinnati Art Club portrait drawing demo by Igor Babailov
Portrait sketch of Adelaide Brooks - Graphite drawing from life by Igor Babailov
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