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Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA, KStA


Spiritual & Works from Life

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Official portrait of Pope Benedict XVI, by Igor Babailov. Selected by the Pope for the Vatican Splendors museum international tour. Collection: Vatican. Sacred Art by Igor Babailov.
Pope Benedict XVI
Official portrait of Pope Francis, by Igor Babailov. Collection: Vatican
Pope Francis
"Believe" - Be Not Afraid - Official portrait of Pope St. John Paul II, by Igor Babailov. Collection: Caster Gandolfo, Vatican.
 Pope St. John Paul II
To Hope and Believe...Now, Russian people praying ... by Igor Babailov.
To Believe and Hope ... now!
Vita - The Risen Jesus Christ.  Painting by Igor Babailov. Incorporated in the Vatican portrait of Pope Benedict XVI.
Official portrait of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. By Igor Babailov. Collection: Moscow Patriarchia.
Patriarch Kirill
"The Three Lights" - First McDonalds in Russia. By Igor Babailov. Collection of George Cohon, CEO of McDonald's Canada.
The Three Lights
At work on CREDO, Original Painting by Igor Babailov. Collection: Pope John Paul II National Shrine, Wshington, DC.
Journey of Hope (oil on canvas). by Igor Babailov. Tribute to Frederick Hart.
Journey of Hope
Pope Benedict XVI, Sketch from life in preparation for the official oil painting, by Igor Babailov.
Sketch from Life
AMARE - Mary and little Jesus. Original painting by Igor Babailov. Collection: Mr. & Mrs. D. Hunt.
The Sacred Heart. Drawing on location by Igor Babailov, Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land.
The Sacred Heart
Apostolic Palace, Castel Gandolfo, Vatican. Drawing from life by Igor Babailov
Apostolic Palace
Resurrection of Realism, by Igor Babailov
Resurrection of Realism
Portrait of Pope Francis Sketch from life, by Igor Babailov
Pope Francis
Official Portrait of Blessed Stanley Rother, by Igor Babailov. Fr. Stanley Rother was an American Roman Catholic priest from Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, who was murdered in Guatemala. He is the first American-born priest and martyr, beatified by the Catholic Church, Pope Francis in the Vatican. First American-born Saint.
Blessed Stanley Rother
Official Portrait of Swiss Guard Commander, Christoph Graf, Vatican, by Igor Babailov, Sacred art by Igor Babailov.
Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard
Portrait of Padre Pio in the official portrait of Col. Christoph Graf, Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, Vatican. Portrait by Igor Babailov
Padre Pio
Portrait of Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) - portrait drawing from life by Igor Babailov
Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral
The 13th Disciple - painting by Igor Babailov, Commissioned for the cover of the book "The 13th Disciple", Portrait of Jesus, Sacred art by portrait artist Igor Babailov
The 13th Disciple
Portrait of Mary - a prayer. Drawing from life, black charcoal and heightening with white chalk. By Igor Babailov.
Prayer. Portrait of Mary.
Portrait of Fr. Arne Panula, Catholic Information Center, Washington, DC, by portrait artist Igor Babailov
Fr. Arne Panula
Sacred Art, Margaret Leo of McLean, Catholic Information Center in Washington, DC, Leonard Leo family, by portrait artist Igor Babailov
Margaret Leo of McLean
Portrait of Michael Novak, Sacred artworks -  by Igor Babailov
Michael Novak
Portrait of Mary in the Sistine Chapel, sketch from life, by Igor Babailov, Vatican, Drawing by Igor Babailov
An Italian Girl (oil on canvas), identical master-museum-copy after K.D. Flavitsky by Igor Babailov
Portrait of an Italian Girl
Museum Master-Copy
Mary in the Sistine Chapel
Saint Christopher, Patron of travelers, Franciscan Monastery - sketch from life by Igor Babailov
Saint Christopher -
the Patron of Travelers
Saint Bernadette, Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, plein air painting on location by Igor Babailov
St. Bernadette
Fontana del Nettuno, Florence, drawing fromlife by Igor Babailov
Fontana del Nettuno, Florence
Donskoy Monastery, drawing from life by Igor Babailov
Donskoy Monastery
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