Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA, KStA


(selected portraits)

"We chose you to paint the portrait, because there is no "formula" in your works, as they each capture individuality."

~  Joan Stein-Streilein, Ph.D.,  Harvard University

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George Washington
PM Brian Mulroney
Official Portrait of President George W. Bush, Commissioned & Presented on the Occasion of G8 Summit, Kananaskis, AL. Collection: George W. Bush Presidential Library. By Igor V. Babailov
President George W. Bush
Pope Benedict XVI
President Vladimir Putin
Official portrait of Pope Francis, by Igor Babailov. Collection: Vatican.
Pope Francis
Prince Andrew
Pope St. John Paul II
Justice Joseph. P. Sullivan
General David Petraeus
Governor Mark Carney
Stan Danford
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Patriarch Kirill of Russia
Amb. Michael Novak
Nelson Mandela
Reggie Jackson
Governor Yves Fortier
Bergthor Endresen
Isadore Sharp
Byron Janis
Col. Christoph Graf, Commander of the Papal Swiss Guard - Portrait by Igor Babailov, Collection: Vatican.
Regis Philbin
Commander of the Papal Swiss Guard
James Gandolfini
Allan Sniderman
Bob Costas
Michel Perron
Dr. Robert Kimura
Paul Dinkel
Portrait of C. Wright Pinson, MD, MBA,  CEO of the Vanderbilt Health System, Nashville, TN,  by Igor Babailov
Dr. Wright Pinson
Mikhail Kalashnikov
Ted Lazenby
Senator Michael Pitfield, by Igor Babailov
Sen. Michael Pitfield
Tiki Barber
Lawrence Glaubinger
Wayne Streilein
Jack Reitman - portrait by Igor Babailov
Jack Reitman
Portrait of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, by Igor Babailov
Prime MinisterJean Chretien
Slavko Acimovic
Andre Berard, President, National Bank of Canada - portrait by Igor Babailov
Andre Berard
Akira Kurosawa
Thomas Monaghan
Frank Military
David Gibbs
Synergistics Industies Ltd.
Colonel Derek Frost, Scottish Regiment - portrait by Igor Babailov
Bobby Hull
Col. Derek Frost
Brendan Marrocco
Peter Johnson, Summitville Tiles - portrait by Igor Babailov
Peter Johnson
Boomer Esiason
Frederick Hart