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Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA, KStA

Pete Quaife

Musician, artist, author

Founding member and the original bass guitarist of the legendary British Rock group,

1 Pete Quaife_edited.jpg

Pete Quaife (charcoal on canvas, 40"x 30"), portrait from Life by Igor Babailov, 1994

Peter Quaife1_edited_edited.jpg

Pete Quaife and Igor Babailov

Peter Quaife, The Kinks, and artist Igor Babailov

Pete and Igor

Great friends - Good times

Pete Quaife and Columbus painting_edited

Pete Quaife at Igor Babailov's studio

in front of the Columbus painting,

with his incomparable British humor

Peter Quaife and Paul McCartney, credit: Hilton Archives

Paul McCartney and Pete Quaife

Credit: Hilton Archives

The Kinks
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