Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA, KStA


(selected portraits)

Justice Annette Ziegler, Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Portraits by Igor Babailov.
"Portraits of Women occupy a special place in my portfolio. They are mothers, daughters, wives, entrepreneurs and distinguished professionals. I am always honored and humbled to paint their portraits, as I am grateful for their devotion and enormous gift of strength and inspiration they share with the world."
~  Igor V. Babailov, Hon.RAA
Justice Annette Ziegler - Supreme Court of Wisconsin
Portrait study from life

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Theresa Menefee
Ann Lemire
The Baroness
Mother's Love
Martha-Ann Alito
Lady in a pink hat
Dr. Julie Hudson
First Lady Hillary Clinton
Portrait of the Hon. Lisa Wood, Federal Judge, District of Georgia, by Igor Babailov
Hon. Lisa Wood
Debbie Trudeau
Senator Marsha Blackburn
Julia Bianchi
Isabel Owen
 Ruth Gjessing-Newman
Elizabeth Dinkel
Portrait of Maria Bartiromo, portrait by Igor Babailov. Collection: The Bartiromo family, New York City
Maria Bartiromo
Dori Sawatzky
Dr. Rebecca Stafford
Portrait of Mary Kirby, by Igor Babailov
Mary Kirby
Portrait of Mama, the Artist's Mother. Portrait by Igor Babailov.
Portrait of an Irish Woman, by Igor Babailov
Irish Woman
Portrait of a Woman and her Dog, pastel portrait by Igor Babailov. Private collection.
Woman with the dog
Portrait of Hannah Barker. Oil by Igor Babailov
Hannah Barker
Portrait of Hillary R. Clinton (1993), by Igor Babailov. Collection: Clinton Presidential Library